Packaging Explained

Throughout the site we often refer to a "per unit" cost, please be aware that it is not possible to buy an individual unit from the site and this information is provided for reference purposes only.

It is also worth noting that for some products a unit may contain multiple items.

Each product’s specific information can be found on its purchasing page.

There are essentially 4 different types of packaging for you to choose from, over a variety of different products, these being:


Please note that not every product is available in all 4 packaging options. For example, there are only a certain number of products available in Counter Top Displays.

Where available, the different packaging options are displayed beneath each product image on the main category page. All you need to do is click on the packaging of your choice underneath the product photo and this will take you through to the ordering page for that particular product/packaging.


Products in the "Bulk Boxes" category are generally packed in plain brown boxes. There are 2 options available when buying in Bulk, depending on the quantity of the item you wish to purchase. We refer to these options as INNER & OUTER boxes.

Usually, an OUTER box is made up of a number of smaller INNER boxes. The number of INNER boxes per OUTER will vary, depending on the product in question.

All Bulk products carry a price incentive for ordering larger quantities and buying complete OUTER boxes. For the best price, just enter the number of outer boxes you require. (The price difference is clearly shown on each product ordering page, so you can decide on the right quantity & best deal for your needs.)


All products in the "Multi Cards" category are packed on an A4 sized display card. The number of units per card will vary from product to product.

Each card has a euro slot to enable hanging on different types of display. Every card is wrapped with clear plastic for protection and a label is applied on the outside of the wrapping, with product details and a bar code.

There are 2 options available when buying multi cards, depending on the quantity you wish to purchase. These are: individual cards, or full boxes. A full box is made up of a quantity of individual cards. The number of cards in a box will vary, but will usually be 6 or 12 cards. This information is clearly shown on each product ordering page.

There is no minimum quantity and you can order as many cards as you wish. But again there is a price incentive for ordering larger quantities and buying full boxes. So for the best deal, just enter the number of boxes you require, rather than the number of cards. (The pricing information is clearly shown on each product ordering page.)


Products in the "Convenience Packs" category are individually packed, bar coded and price marked for your convenience. They are designed for display on our retail stands, or on slat wall, or peg board.

These products are packed 6 units (or 6 packs) per bag, so the minimum amount you can purchase is 6 units of any particular product.

There are 2 different price points: one for 36 units, and one for 6 units. You will receive the best price if you order using the larger quantity option. So just order in quantities of 36 units, then you will be eligible for the discounted "per unit" price. (The pricing information is clearly shown on each product ordering]


A selection of products are available packed in Counter Top Displays. The quantity of Counter Top Displays in an inner or outer box will vary from product to product.

As with all our products, the best price is available when ordering in full box quantities. So be sure to check the product ordering page for all the packing and pricing information, so you can choose the quantity and price to suit your requirements.

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